Monday, January 24, 2011

Go Pack Go!

I really don't care about football but yesterday we had fun.  I made the kids these shirts:

I made soup, we watched the game, Brendan paced around.  When there was a touchdown Brendan would jump and yell, which Ingrid found very exciting.  She made him get up and jump around with her well after the game was over.  It was a fun family afternoon, and the Packers won and are off to the Super Bowl!!  I think Otis is a good luck charm.  Brendan jokingly said he's going to use our tax return to get tickets, ha!  As if we don't have a million more pressing things to spend money on.

Like moving.  Hopefully soon, people!  Brendan's off to Missouri for an interview this week.  And hopefully soon he'll be getting asked to go to another one in Milwaukee, fingers crossed he gets this one and we can move home again!!  So maybe we'll just watch the Super Bowl on tv instead of flying to Texas, okay, honey?

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MaryAnne said...

Those shirts are adorable! I really hope you guys get a job offer soon!