Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vibrating Chairs and Football

Yesterday we finally got batteries for Otis' vibrating bouncy seat.   He was so funny when we turned it on!  He was all wide eyed and quiet, totally occupied for a long time! 

He is getting to be such a big kid, or so I think.  I am used to the wee five pound peanut, so seeing him two pounds heavier makes me think he's huge.  Then I see a full term baby and I laugh at how small he really is!  We went to Urban Toddler the other day and there was a baby that was a month older and about six pounds heavier.  He's still got a ways to go.  He is just starting to fit into his newborn clothes, but still is swimming in some of them :)

Well, I'm off to go play with felt.  The Packers are playing a big game today so I'm making the kids shirts.  We have to show our Wisconsin pride!  Anyone who has known me for a long time knows how strange this is.  I never was into sports, never watched anything, never knew who the teams were.  Then I met Brendan and now through osmosis I have some knowledge of sports.  If you'd have told me ten years ago that I would be making Packer shirts for my kids, I would've laughed my ass off.  But alas, we grow, we change.  I still couldn't tell you what the hell is going on in a football game, but I know that today at 3pm the Packers are playing the Bears.  That is way more than I would've known before!


ringmaster said...

and yay the packers won!!!!

MaryAnne said...

LOVE his little face - Otis is adorable!!!