Friday, January 14, 2011

First Bath.

Otis' belly button stump fell off last night, so he was able to take a bath in his little tub for the first time!  Ingrid always thought it was a piece of poo stuck to him, so she was happy to see it gone.  And she noticed his penis for the first time while looking at his belly button, so we had to have that talk...She said ooh, we have to show Daddy!  I told her I think Daddy already knows about them!
When I was drying Otis off I was reminded of a picture we have of Ingrid when she was tiny, so I had to take one of him, too.  Here they are, siblings for sure!  I never realized how similar their noses are until looking at these pictures side by side!

The nurse came for the last time yesterday to weigh Fat Man.  He's now tipping the scales at 6lbs 1oz!!  Way to go Otis!

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MaryAnne said...

Definitely siblings! Such cute pictures! =)