Friday, January 7, 2011

Gain Weight Otis!

Ingrid and I made a sign that said that while Otis was in the NICU.  And it has worked!  Otis is home with us again, weighing about 5lbs 8oz and gaining steadily.  Or at least we hope so...I found that nursing him doesn't give the calories he needs because he can't suck hard enough yet.  So, we are back to bottles of fortified breast milk.  He's sucking them down like a champ and will hopefully have gained enough weight when the visiting nurse comes back tomorrow. 

Ingrid is pretty cool with having a little brother.  He is now officially "Bub" and she has to kiss him and say goodnight to him.  I love seeing her as a big sister! 

I tried out our XS Bum Genius today, it totally fits!  I have smalls in other brands, but they still look pretty huge.  And I have some prefolds but they need to be washed still, so we're still using the disposables the hospital sent home with us.  Today I had the BG on, though, and it looked so enormous and cute I had to take pictures.  Can't wait to be strictly cloth diapering again!

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MaryAnne said...

Yay for Otis gaining weight and Ingrid being such a great big sister! Your pictures are darling.