Monday, January 17, 2011

Dishes and Diapers

Since we have a dishwasher I never have to wash dishes in the sink.  That being so, I forgot how much Ingrid loves to splash around in dishwater.  The other day I had a bunch of bottles and pumping stuff to wash, and Ingrid came in all smiles "can I wash dishes, too??"  So we put a towel on the floor and she went to town splashing around.  She told me she was making me a water cake.

Today after our doctor's appointment--where we found out Otis is 6lbs 6oz!!!!--we headed over to the cloth diaper store to see what they had in the used section.  We have a bunch of prefolds but the newborn size Prowraps are a bit big on our little man, so they leak a bit.  I was so pleased to find a huge stash of Bum Genius AIOs in the extra small size.  They are truly newborn sized diapers and fit our chicken legged guy really well.  We bought all six that they had!

While looking through this little colorful stash it hit me that we have only bought one diaper brand new!  I found an extra small FuzziBunz on Amazon for super cheap in only one color (bright green which I would've bought anyway!)  Other than that we have always gotten used diapers.  I am such a cheapskate :) 

In other news, Ingrid is learning new things in leaps and bounds!!  Brendan has been drawing letters with her and she is getting really good at making Ws and Hs.  Tonight she drew one and said "this isn't good enough for me, I'm going to erase it."  Ha!  Little perfectionist.  She's also recognizing that words on the pages of books actually tell the story.  This will be a problem someday, as I usually skim over parts of books if they are too long for her attention span.  But now she's asking me what each word is.  I have a feeling she won't let me get away with the skimming over thing for much longer!!


Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

Seriously wish we lived closer...our girl's could start a book club or something. We've got F's, R's, O's and L's over here.

MaryAnne said...

Those diapers are so cute! And Ingrid is adorable "doing dishes"