Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Six Months Old!

Tomorrow Otis turns one half year old.  I cannot believe he started as a wee peanut, scaring the crap out of me by coming so early, and now he's this giggling little cherub.

His last doctor's appointment he was 13lbs 4oz, on the small side even if you go by the scale he'd be on if he were born on his due date.  Oh well, Ingrid was always small too.  He's catching up though.  Little mister went on a nursing strike and scared me that he was going to stop nursing but luckily we've made it through.  He is teething like a mad man but no teeth in sight yet.  We just supplement with bottles when he gets so fussy he won't nurse.  It seems to be working fine.

Today we had a little photo shoot.  Ingrid couldn't understand why I wasn't taking pictures of her!  She was seriously perplexed "Mama, I'm right here!  Take a picture of me!"

We also tried some cereal with Otis today.  I'm not too gung ho about starting food, but I thought we'd give it a try.  He seemed to like it.  Ingrid did not her first time!  It took her awhile to eat it, but we started way early with her.
After looking at pictures and videos, it seems Otis is doing things at six months that Ingrid was doing at four months.  I think she grew up so fast!  I'll go slow with Otis, I'm in no hurry with him.


Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

I adore that photo of the three of you. I'm dying to see Ingrid's outfit...!!! Amber, she's RIGHT THERE damn it! Take her stinkin' picture!

MaryAnne said...

I love that photo of Otis holding the spoon in his mouth!

I think Ingrid was (is!) pretty precocious. I know I always think of her as being older than she is!

MissShapes said...

OK, I'm not sure if I've commented before--if not, hello, I'm Liz, and I just have to tell you how AWESOME your little guy is in those sailboat overalls! Holy cute!!

becky v said...

Happy Half B-day Otis!! He is so adorable.

I guess i didn't realize Ethan and Otis are only two weeks apart! Ethan will be 6 months on the 29th...I too cannot believe it.

I also do not care about starting solids, but think I will go ahead and give cereal a whirl when we get settled in the new place since it will be just a couple days after he turns 6 months. I read through my baby food recipe book the other night and got all excited about making food. :)

ringmaster said...

LOVE him! i can't believe he is 6 months old!!! i remember talking to you on the phone when you were on bedrest in the hospital it seems like yesterday.

we need to catch up my friend!!!!!