Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Came With a Vengeance.

Dang!  We never thought summer would come and all the sudden BAM!  Here it is.  Brendan said he saw it was 102 degrees by his work yesterday?  Crazy.  It's usually a lot cooler by the lake and it was still in the high 80s yesterday.  It's 7:30am and 80 right now. 

I don't want to complain because it is better than snow, but I hate heat.  Why can't our summers be breezy and 72?  I really hate sweating before 8am.

Yesterday we got a Slip'n'slide.  And then got home to find there was a broken piece on the hose that made it impossible to hook it up.  Blah.  Ingrid was so happy when Brendan came home and fixed it!

Otis was pretty much naked or in just a diaper all day long.  Favorite part of summer, seeing all those squishy baby parts unearthed!

All the bugs are out, too.  Ingrid is still slightly unsure of them.  They gross her out but she knows they're really not going to hurt her.  So she has to tell herself how cool they are.  "I can be friends with the ants, right Mom?"  We saw this huge dragonfly on our rosebush.  He stayed there forever, sometimes flitting away if we got too close, but always coming back.  We got to really look at him, it was pretty cool. 

Today is supposed to be a scorcher, too, so we're off to find something water related or in the air conditioning.  I would love to just be outside but it's so hard when it just makes everyone sticky and crabby...

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