Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Week of School

Ingrid has now had two days at her Montessori.  She has loved both days and I'm sure will enjoy the rest of the summer.  Yesterday was her second day and she was so excited to bring her ladybug lunch bag and go see Miss Carrie and Miss Jamie.  When we got there, she ran up the stairs, ready to show me where she washed her apples and carrots!  I just love seeing her so excited and having so much fun while learning things.  And I'm really enjoying what little I know of Montessori, it seems like such a good match for Ingrid.

Yesterday she wore two of my favorite things together, a vintage Mexican top and a pair of green polyester slacks.  Seriously, they are slacks.  Crease down the middle of the legs, a little bell to them, they are soooo cute!

Once again I got so much done while she was gone.  I love having five hours with just Otis!  He has taken long naps while she's gone (imagine being able to sleep better without a screaming three year old in the house.  Strange.) and I get to get things done without hearing "will you color with me?  Oops, I spilled.  I have to go to the bathroom.  Play with me, Mama."  I got the whole house cleaned, four loads of laundry done, and I sewed the top of a baby quilt. 

Otis is growing like a weed, seriously.  He started eating cereal and fruit and veg and will down the whole bowl in about five minutes.  He's off his nursing strike mostly, so we don't have to feed him that many bottles anymore, hooray!  I had to go through his box of clothes and find more that would fit, since he was busting out of his 3-6 mo. tshirts.  I found this one at the thrift store awhile ago and couldn't wait to put it on him.

But his favorite is still to just be naked. Whenever he's upset, we strip off his clothes and lay him on the bed.  He immediately calms down, grabs his feet and starts talking.