Friday, June 17, 2011


I made a couple sets of washcloths for the shop this week.  I love how they turned out!  It's awesome that you can take some cool fabric and put it with something really absorbent and ta-da!  It's a washcloth.  I had some terry cloth I'd found in the remnant bin at Joann and I made these robot ones.

I also made some for friends having babies.  I love friends having babies, they keep me busy!  But alas, I ran out of terry cloth and started to look through my scrap bin.  I have a ton of odd shaped pieces of minky leftover from making bibs.  I love that fabric so I never wanted to throw it away, but what to do with it?  Cut it in squares and make the softest washcloths you'll ever use.  Seriously, these are awesome, I'm making myself some!  They are sooooo soft and absorbent.  I made these for the shop:

And I have lots of new fabric I haven't done anything with yet, so methinks I will make a couple more sets this weekend! 

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MaryAnne said...

Those robot ones are super cute! You always find the best fabrics!