Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Much Going on!

Well, folks, today marks the start of Ingrid's formal education.  After much debating whether or not to send her to preschool, we found a great starter program for the summer.  It's a Montessori program run out of a teacher's house, very small "class" size (I think there were three kids today) and flexible hours.  So we signed up for two mornings a week and today is her first day.

We got a backpack and lunch bag for her, which was so so exciting for Ingrid!  She has been wearing the backpack around since we got it yesterday.  She bounded out of bed asking when she was going to school.  From 6am to 8am, she kept asking "Is it time yet?" 

When we got there, she ran right over to the materials and one of the teachers started working with her.  I had to say good bye to her four times before she finally called out bye over her shoulder!  I think she's ready for school, but I guess we'll see how she did when I pick her up this afternoon.  I found a public Montessori school with spots open in K3, so if she does well at this class, we'll be sending her off to real school in the fall.  Gulp.

Meanwhile, Otis and I have been hanging out.  He is napping right now, I'm about to watch the DVRed 16 and Pregnant and fold laundry, and I already had a chance to list more washcloths in the shop! 

One last thing:  We got this ridiculous clown onesie in the mail yesterday.  I got it from Hart and Sew and it is the most adorable thing in the world.  It just fits Otis, though, and it's still only 60degrees, so I had to put him in it and take pictures now, since he may not get a chance to show off his chicken legs in it for real before it doesn't fit anymore.  Where is our summer?  It was here for awhile, now it's MIA. 

Oh my god, I'm dying at how freakin' cute he is! 

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MaryAnne said...

Both your kids are adorable! LOVE Otis's smile in that cute onesie!

I'm always amazed at all the things you make time to make for your shop - you know how to get things done!