Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Parkin' It.

Yesterday was the perfect day.  The weather was breezy and in the high sixties, which I would take over the scorchers any day.  If I could have a summer filled with this weather, I'd be a happy camper.  We packed up the stroller with food, drinks, a package to mail out at the post office, and the diaper bag.  Otis napped in the Moby, Ingrid talked about all sorts of nonsense in the stroller, and we made our way to the park.

This park is awesome, I'm hoping we can find a house pretty close by when we go to buy one.  It's got a playground, an amphitheater where they do live music in the summer, a lagoon with lots of ducks and people fishing, and tons of trails to wander on.  Also, the trees are ancient and enormous, which I love.  I love to look at big gnarly tree trunks and marvel at the fact they are so old.

Ingrid was pleased that there were other kids there.  She ran around chasing them, but not really playing with them.  She hasn't gotten to that point yet, I guess! 

Otis layed on a blanket and put his toes in the grass. 

I sat back and enjoyed some coffee and we stayed until lunchtime.  We came back to eat lunch and take naps, but Ingrid suddenly got a second wind so only Otis got to nap, lucky dog.  He is finally taking naps on his own, he slept for three hours!  Good kid!  Then we went back outside to the backyard, did some weeding and sweeping, and stayed out until dinnertime.  I love summer!


Jami said...

I am also LOVING this cooler summer weather. You know we don't have AC, so I just suck up these cool nights and warm days. Wish you were here, we miss you guys every day!

becky v said...

The feet in the grass pic is my favorite! So cute. It sounds like an incredible park! Great for Ingrid to have other kids to interact with.

I'm going to email you for more info about how napping is going...it's not so great at our house!