Friday, June 3, 2011

And We're Off!


We leave today for our camping trip!  We're going up to Door County, the site of our honeymoon and our one year anniversary trip.  Every year since he can remember, Brendan's family has taken a camping trip to Peninsula State Park, so he's excited to start the tradition with our crew.

Wish us luck with our five month old and three year old.  I know people go camping with their kids all the time, but I honestly don't know how!  I'm hoping all the fresh air will make Ingrid pass out and that Otis' teeth don't decide to bother him all weekend.  Crossing fingers! 


Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

omg. At first I thought you got an Airstream!
Good luck camping, I'm sure it'll be fun...and if it's not, I'm sure theres a hotel nearby ;)

ringmaster said...

good luck! ;) i remember your camping trip with a one year old ingrid!!!!