Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Pictures of the Bub

This weekend we've gotten to spend a lot of time at the NICU with Otis.  He is doing so well, his IV is out, he doesn't have any infection, he's eating and growing.  They're checking his biliruben levels again tonight so we'll find out tomorrow if he needs phototherapy for jaundice, but other than that he's doing really well.  The doctors were pleasantly surprised, as most boys 34 weeks don't do as well.  I guess it's a hard thing to learn how to suck/swallow/breathe.  Not our guy!  He even latched on a couple times and my milk has started to trickle in so he may have even gotten something.  Hooray for that.

This morning Ingrid came with us and got to hold her brother for the first time.  She was so funny, oohing and aahing but grabbing his hands and poking her fingers in his eyes.  Good thing babies are tough.  He didn't even really open his eyes.

Later on Brendan and I went back to spend some time without a squirmy two year old.  We spent hours just looking at him and marveling over how tiny he is, how perfect he is, how he's already here, and how excited we are to take him home!  Here is my all time fave picture of Mr. Crosseyes:

And here's a picture of his fuzzy face.  He has this blond hair all over, which is so strange since Ingrid was all dark hair and both Brendan and I have brown hair.  Genes are funny.

Today he was quite alert and actually had his eyes open for awhile.  He just amazes me every time we go see him.  I know people say that another child just fits right into your life, but I didn't get how that could be.  I was really worried about how I would feel about another kid besides Ingrid but man, that love came right away.  I feel so happy we decided to have another one!!


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Amber, I am so thrilled for you all. I love that feeling of adoring two children now. I really hope Otis fattens up with your lovely colostrum and that your milk makes an appearance soon too xoxo lots of love to you all while you adventure through nicu and to home asap. x

Beth said...

I love his little nose! So glad he's born and doing so well, and you are adjusting. Hope he gets to come home soon!

Anonymous said...

yay! hugs to all!

Carly said...

Great Pictures..So Much Love and Joy!! Congratulations!!

MaryAnne said...

I'm so glad to hear everything is oing well, and your pictures are great!

Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

perfect. and adorable. love love love it.