Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We're All Home!

Otis was released from the NICU on Monday afternoon!  That little guy did so well he was only in there for four days!  It was quite the shock to get that call that we could come get him and take him home.  Of course we still didn't have the car seat installed, so I had to struggle with that before I could even leave to go pick up Brendan from work.  No fun.  Our next car is definitely going to have the LATCH system, this using seat belts is for the birds...

Once home, it was a little stressful.  Getting into that routine of feeding, diaper changes, dealing with Ingrid, sleeping, changing lots of dirty clothes, pumping's hard!  I went to pick up some groceries and my hormones hit and I just started crying in the middle of the store.  I felt so overwhelmed and my mom wanted to go home--who could blame her?  Her whole month has been crazy because of us.  But she saw me crying as I brought in the groceries and decided to stay.  Bless her, I needed my mommy another day or two!

Yesterday was much better.  I have the hang of pumping and feeding now, and Otis is a sleeper.  Thank god!  He sleeps in four hour stretches at night so we really only have to wake up once.  It's great.  Ingrid loves her brother, I think the hardest part for her was me being away for so long.  Now that she sees I'm here to stay she's been way better.

Otis is doing well.  He had his doctor appointment yesterday and is only one ounce away from his birth weight.  He's a little on the cold side, though, so last night we did skin to skin.  It was SO comfortable!  We sat on the couch with blankets on us and he cuddled right up to me and warmed up.  I can't get over how much I love him already :) 

Today my mom is going home and Brendan is getting his hair cut, so it's the first time I'll have both my kids by myself!!  I can do it.  Right?


Carly said...

Yes You Can! You are a great Mom. How nice that you are all together for Christmas.

ringmaster said...

yay i am so happy for you guys!! ingrid looks so sweet in the pics with her brother!!!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Amber of course you can do it!
It just takes time to get used to having another child plus the extra issues of nicu, temperature and pumping adds a little more onto that.
Soon it will all seem normal and just flow well so just hang in there I am thinking of you always xx

Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

I love the Ingrid, Otis and kitty cat photo.... Birth Announcement maybe???

MaryAnne said...

LOVE that photo of you and Otis together - so sweet!