Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Asking for Help

I'm almost there!  It's been over two weeks and the doctors are all set to induce me on Sunday, a mere five days away!  My stay in the hospital is almost done!

This week has been a bit crazy to figure out.  My mom, bless her heart, has watched Ingrid for the first two weeks but she needed a break.  So she went home and we called friends to see who could watch Ingrid during the day while Brendan works.  She went to her little buddy Ben's yesterday and today, and I felt bad about it the whole day yesterday!  It's hard for me to ask for help and then accept it.  And like I've said before, we never leave Ingrid with anyone but my mom, so I was nervous about how she'd be for a full day away from mom and dad.

She was fine, or so I hear.  She napped and played and was exhausted when she got home and went straight to bed.  Tomorrow and Thursday she's going with two other friends for the day.  All of these women are mothers that I trust, I've known them for two years now.  So why is it so hard for me, why do I think Ingrid's going to have a hard time??

I used to be a nanny, for god's sake, I know kids just get used to their surroundings, they manage to make it even if it's different.  Sure, they might miss mom or dad throughout the day but only fleetingly, then they forget about it and go play with toys that are new to them.  And Ingrid's a pretty strong little kid, I'm sure she's fine.  So why is my mind going to the worst case scenario of her looking all forlorn and wondering where her old life went to?

Maybe because that's what I'm feeling...where did my old life go?  Where I'd get up and make coffee and we'd play and do laundry and sew?  Instead of temp checks and blood pressure cuffs and listening to baby on the monitor and having doctors come in to ask if I'm having any troubles...I am feeling like a forlorn kid with her blankie wondering where her husband and daughter are.  I miss my life.

But the end is nigh.  Otis will be here before you know it, and I'll get to go home and then I'll be missing the naps and food delivered to me.  So I'll stop whining now.  And just be thankful for great friends that are helping me out when they certainly don't have to!!  Thanks guys!


Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

(Virtual Hug)

MaryAnne said...


And thank goodness for friends and family!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Oh amber of course you are worried about Ingrid while you are in hospital. Hope Otis stays safe for teh next 5 days and makes a wonderful entrance to your new family of 4 xx

Anonymous said...

it will be so nice when you have otis in your arms and you guys are all home together again! truman did not have any issues with harrison until after harry turned one and started to be mobile BUT at the same time they totally have bonded and play with one another. hugs!!!

Jami said...

I'm glad that I could do my part, even if it was just a little. It was crazy at times, I do admit, lol. But that's just having two toddlers in the house all day. You know how crazy they can get in just 2 hours! lol! BUT it was just fine. I was amazed that she took naps for me, we did a lot of playing, with toys, and playdoh, etc, etc, etc. She did ask if we could go visit you in the hospital. :) I didn't even have a car, so I couldn't be tempted to take the two of them anywhere, woah that would be crazy. I bet she was pretty pooped, and Brendan too. That is a long day, doing all that driving. I'm glad everything is working out, and Otis will be here soooo soon! We will see you (hopefully next week) (we'll play it by ear of course). Christmas is coming. You've had a whirlwind of a month. But it is all coming to a close. Hang in there :) <3