Friday, December 31, 2010


Whew!  After all the tests they ran on my little 5lb baby, it turns out that he was just dehydrated.  Good that it's nothing serious, but horrible because he had to get so much done to him when all he needed was a heat lamp and a bottle...

I feel bad now that I was so against bottles.  Truth is, I still am.  The drs. kept saying he needed formula to supplement the breast milk, as it has more calories and that's what he needs right now.  But I think that's a lot of crap.  Breast milk is made specifically for him, isn't it?  I get that he needs to eat more often, but it can still be my milk.  I am not paying for formula when my body is overflowing with free milk made just for babies...Anyway, we are now going to do breast feeding and then top it off with a bottle of expressed milk, to make sure he's getting enough.  As long as it's my milk I'm okay with it.  Still hate pumping but I'll do it so I don't have to go through another night at the ER!!

Otis was doing really well last night when I went to visit, hopefully he'll be able to come home Saturday after his antibiotics are done.  And this time I will make sure he gets his feedings and gets enough!!  Poor kid just doesn't realize how small he is, and we keep forgetting how early he was. 

So here's to a better 2011!!  Happy New Year everyone!


MaryAnne said...

I say go with your maternal instinct on the feeding. I'm glad nursing is going well for you - it's SO much easier than bottles! I hope you all get to spend Saturday onwards together, with no more hospital visits!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

amber sounds perfect to enhance a breast feed with a bottle of boobie milk! that way he gets your milk but does not have to work hard and use so much energy from the bottle and can still add weight. xx It's a great excuse for you to eat as much chocloate as possible too so your milk is nice and fatty for him xoxo