Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to Work

Today is Brendan's first day back to work all day.  It has been awesome!  I am loving that I feel back to normal, I have energy again, Ingrid's been in a great mood, we've gotten lots done.  Ahhh, after a month of craziness we are back to life.

We took down Christmas stuff today and cleaned up toys.  They seem to multiply overnight.  I thought I'd made room for the new toys but I guess not.  Today I did.  The play room is now clean and tidy, the living room has 60% less toys spilling out, and my sewing machine is back upstairs ready to roll. 

I took some pictures of little man sporting his new duds from Grandma and Grandpa.  They got him a frog ensemble, complete with a ridiculous frog hat.  He looks so cute in it!

Otis has been doing amazingly well with nursing.  It makes me so happy that I don't have to worry about bottles and other feeding paraphernalia.  So easy just to lift the shirt and let him have some milk!  We were told  we had to wake him up to feed him every three hours so he'd grow, but that was getting so old...He is so hard to wake up, it would take nearly an hour to get him awake, then he'd feed for three seconds and pass out again.  So yesterday I just let him sleep as long as he wanted and after a five hour stretch he was up and alert and nursed on each side for 20 minutes.  We have a doctor appointment again tomorrow to check his weight, so we'll see how he's doing.  I'm going to follow my mama instinct and say he's getting what he needs. 


Fiona said...

Amber it sounds like all of you are doing great. Go with that Mama instinct, and let Otis tell you what he needs. Our babies are waaay smarter than most medical professionals give them credit for.
And well done sorting out toys - we need to work on some of that over here too!

Helen_D said...

Hi. I found you via Sarah's blog (arwen_tiw / Carried Family). I've been reading the last few weeks while you've been waiting for Otis to arrive. The photos of Otis today are so cute. Such a clever little man learning how to feed, and the breast feeding oic is just sooo cute. Take care, don't over do it! Helen.

Anonymous said...

what a little punker that otis is!

you sound fantastic!

Lyndsey said...

What a smarty! Are you sore from nursing at all, or is he a perfect latcher?

Go with your gut instinct! We woke Kaius up once, and it seemed so silly, that we ended up never doing it again. He had a few 5 hour stretches, but always made up for it with a long nurse and a few frequent nursings. Never a big deal.


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