Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thrift Gods

Boy were they shining on us yesterday!  I went to Salvation Army with the intent of getting another pair of maternity pants, since my ONE PAIR is wearing on my nerves and they're constantly dirty since I never wash them...But alas, only acid washed jeans available.  No thanks.

However, while going through the kid section, we found not only some great vintage clothes, but a piggy bank from 1973, a Fisher Price drum from 1979, and a modern day Dirt Devil vac for Ingrid!  She helped vaccuum today, it was cute :)

The drum is a Christmas present, something we had on our list to get her.  Yay!  And the piggy bank is because she's obsessed with money lately.  Grandma sent two dollars in her Halloween card and ever since, Ingrid has been asking every day "do you have any  money for me?"  At least she wants it to save, right?

We just had the best time there, I really do love those days when Ingrid plays nicely and I get a chance to look thoroughly. 

And today my wee one made me happy by sitting next to me while I organized my fabric.  She had the scrap box out and kept exclaiming "I have a wipe made out of this!  I have pants made out of this!"  We sat for an hour going through everything and now I have a list of more items to make, Christmas presents to make, and things I need to get at Joann.  Or should I say "need" to get?  Lovely day so far.  Just lovely.


Anonymous said...

yay!! so excited when i read the title of the post! excellent finds!

MaryAnne said...

That drum is super cute!