Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fake Camping

Yesterday was a home game for University of Michigan, so our landlord had a little tailgating party in our front yard.  Because it was freezing he brought a fire pit over.  For some reason he left it here, so today Brendan took Ingrid fake camping in our backyard.  They put up our backpacking tent, gathered sticks, and started a fire.  I came outside to snap some pictures and they were eating pretend marshmallows!

It was a very cozy day.  While they built their fire I was inside sewing.  Then we drank hot cocoa outside, I did some more sewing, they went to the indoor swimming pool, I finished up my sewing.  I got so much accomplished and even managed to list some things in the shop.  Hooray! 

Yesterday was good, too.  We decided to run errands before game day crazies started, so bright and early I was off to Joann Fabric while Brendan took Ingrid to the sporting goods store.  I got the most adorable fabric there and made some burp cloths:

Loving those!  I also got a ton of stuff for everyone's Christmas presents, which will be all handmade either by me or someone on etsy this year.  Except for the Duplos that Ingrid is begging for...

I also made a fallish garland out of felt, which Ingrid helped with.  She's a sucker for the felt basket, let me tell you.  She digs through and says the colors, finds scraps I've thrown in that are different shapes, we sat for an hour or two working on it.  It turned out pretty cute if I do say so.  Ingrid has requested a pink one for her room and we'll make a wintery red/green/white one, too. 

Good weekend.  Not much going on this week and then next weekend Brendan goes back to Milwaukee for his second interview!!  So excited to hear how that goes!


Jami said...

Aaaawww sounds like a great weekend. :D

ringmaster said...

i love that garland! it is awesome! are you going to put some in the shop?

Amber Liddle said...

I was thinking about it but I don't think so. It's time intensive, really--cutting out all those damn circles!! Right now wer'e just making xmas presents.