Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Look Back

Totally stealing this from Bron's blog--what a great way to remember all we've been through this year!

Otis was getting to be more mobile and getting into EVERYTHING!

Otis learned how to walk!  And we enjoyed being back in Milwaukee, where we belong.

We started, and finished, our house hunting.  It was so fast, and almost a year later we could not be more happy with the house we ended up with!!  Our neighborhood is amazing, our house is cozy, and we love to be homeowners!

Busy month of going to the cottage for the first time of the year, our first baseball game of the season, and packing up our old house.

We moved into our new house!  Ingrid turned four

We took our annual camping trip to Door County. Aunt Corie came to visit.  It was HOT.

It was still hot.  We spent lots of time outside and enjoyed our air conditioning while inside.  I had a craft fair and we harvested lots of zucchinis.  LOTS.

The kids and I visited my mom in Michigan!

Ingrid started school and we went to see Obama on a dreary rainy day.  (Thank god it's not election season anymore, that got old.)

Ingrid and Otis were cowboys for Halloween.

We had some great family pictures taken and we visited my sister in Michigan.  All of us, even Brendan!

Otis turned TWO!  Hard to believe he's such a spunky little dude.  He talks as much as his sister and has a personality of his own, for sure. 

We have just had such a great year, I feel really lucky. 

This next year I hope to see Ingrid continuing to love school, I want to work more on our house projects, like painting the rooms colors that don't make me want to barf, and hopefully getting a patioo built in our backyard.  I hope the winter isn't too cold, the summer isn't too hot, and we continue to be happy and somewhat healthy (as I cough and sneeze all over the computer, ha!)  Happy New Year, everyone!

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Big brother, Little sister. said...

Love it! And it's not stealing but sharing! I got the idea from three other blogs who all did it a little differently anyway! It's a great way to reflect on the year isn't it xx happy new year x