Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mass Destruction. Or, the Week Before We Move

Want to feel better about yourself and your homemaking skills?  Take a look at our house as it is right now.  Seriously, I just took these pictures a minute ago.  And instead of cleaning anything up, I'm blogging. 
There, don't you feel better about your house now?

We closed on our house yesterday!  We had to wait around forever for the paperwork--they put the wrong sale price on the papers and when they went to go fix it, they found out we'd have to get another appraisal, another something or other with the interest, lots of junk that would take another week or so.  I was super pissed, but what can I do?  Nothing.  So we figured it out and signed our little hearts out and we now own a house.  In fact, for this week we are landlords.  The sellers need some time to move so they are renting from us.  Fun!
I have been trying to get things packed/thrown away/cleaned out but it's really hard with kids around.  I wish someone would take them away for a couple days so I could magically get shit done.  But instead, I do load after load of laundry, pick up toys, give baths after someone whose name starts with O and ends with -tis gets into the yogurt.  And in between all that I pack a box here and there, I start another bag for the thrift store, I throw out another thing that has been sitting in a corner somewhere collecting dust.  And my house turns into a chaotic mess.
I'm hoping to get all this packed up by Friday so we can spend the weekend at the cottage in peace and quiet and then move on Monday. Our official moving day is Tuesday but I feel like I can cram some mattresses in and on my car and move us there Monday, what do you think? 


Fiona said...

Good luck Amber.
Moving sucks, but it will be SO worth it once you are in your own place.
And I LOVE the pics.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Seriously my place looks like this at the end of each day and we are not moving! Good luck with your move :)

MaryAnne said...

Yep my house looks like this when I'm not moving... Hate moving though, especially with kids. Good luck!

Corie said...

You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if Aunt Corie lived closer she would be all over those two children. They would be at my house for a week! I'd love it! And my two are big enough, they could go help you with the move! ;)