Monday, April 23, 2012


We went to our first Brewer's game yesterday.  I forget how cold the first games of the season are!  The kids were not impressed with tailgating in the wind, so they ended up in the back of the car.
We got to our seats and I kind of freaked out for a bit.  I've been up that high before but not with such wriggly kids, I guess.  We were a row behind the very short railing and then there was a huge drop off to the next level.  I was just imagining Ingrid tripping and falling and somehow making it over the railing.  Stranger things have happened...Luckily both kids stayed put and we watched the game for a few innings before having to leave and take them to the play place.  I hate that play place.  It's a zoo of kids running around screaming and Ingrid usually gets stuck up in the big plastic hamster cage things and ends up crying for someone to get her down.  But thank God, she's big enough now to do it herself, she was so proud of herself for getting to the slide and getting down herself!

We made it all the way to the Sausage Races, and even heard Take me Out to the Ballgame on our way out--much longer than I expected to last!  Kids and baseball are fun but exhausting.  No drinking beer, no sitting in your seat comfortably, no actually watching the game.  It was a lot of carrying kids, eating really expensive horrible ice cream (or "ice cream" as I'm pretty sure there was no dairy in there at all) and chasing them around a stupid play place.  Ahhhhhh, the things we do for our kids.  They better appreciate how much we love them :) 

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