Thursday, April 26, 2012


We all got horrible colds.  Yesterday instead of packing, we had pjs on at noon and layed around watching cartoons all afternoon.  We also played a game Ingrid made up, kind of like basketball, only you try to throw the ball as crazy as you can and see if it still gets there.  You get extra points for hitting someone on the face with the ball on accident (we use Nerf balls) and there was much giggling involved.

Today is another rainy, sick day.  I keep thinking I should be packing and then looking around and not even knowing what I'd pack anyway.  I am pretty darn glad this is the last time we're moving.  I can't believe we did this every year for ages.  Screw that.

The kids are actually in pretty good moods for being covered in snot and sneezing every five seconds.  My head feels like it's puffed up five sizes too big.  I want to go to bed and I have to go pack.  I have to, don't I?  Damn.


Anonymous said...

hugs!!!! we're sick too.

MaryAnne said...

:( Hope you feel better soon!

Fiona said...

Oh no.
Call freinds and offer to bake them a cake or sew them stuff when you are well if they come and pack now!
And in my experience, even if you don't get it all packed it still gets to the new house anyway.