Friday, December 28, 2012

A Black and White Christmas

None of our pictures turned out very well from Christmas--there wasn't enough light and then I turned on the flash and got red eye.  So thank god for black and white photos, they look so much better!

 Our Christmas eve was very mellow, we just got Chinese food and the kids hadn't taken naps so they were in bed pretty early.  Brendan and I put Christmas presents under the tree, filled stockings, and watched TV.  I was in bed by ten. 

The next morning we slept in until 7!!  Brendan and I were actually up before the kids were, which NEVER happens.  Ingrid was all excited to see presents from Santa, even though they were wrapped in our wrapping paper and she watched me put them under the tree.  That girl WANTS to believe!  She opened her stocking and was like "Santa has our same wrapping paper!  Cool!"  Even though I've told her many times that Santa's not real, this year she has chosen to believe.  There is apparently nothing I can do about it.

The kids played with their toys and we ate cinammon rolls and lounged the morning away.  I cleaned, getting ready for our family to come.  It was definitely the last party we will have until Ingrid's birthday in May.  We had three big get togethers the past month, which was just too much!  I was pretty glad when everyone left, I just sighed a huge sigh, poured a huge glass of wine, and said hooray for Christmas being over.

We took down our tree the next day.

Now we are back to normal, except both kids have pink eye.  We generously gave it to our neighbor's kids, too, so at least they can come over and play without us worrying too much about spreading it around.  We have another long weekend and then back to for real normal on Wednesday when Brendan goes back to work and Ingrid is back in school.  Ahhhh, new year!  What will it bring?


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

My kids chose to believe this year, too.

I'm all about mellow Christmases!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Merry Christmas! I am keen to learn more about your non Santa approach but am glad Ingrid chose to believe in a little magic xx love Otis ' bed hair!

Amber Liddle said...

Bron, at Christmas we just never brought Santa up, he was a character in a book. We watched all the Santa movies, etc, but he was just a character. This spring I told Ingrid the Easter Bunny wasn't really real just like Santa, so she's been told he's made up. Then this year suddenly she was asking to see Santa, to write to him, to be good for him, she started taking everything really seriously. It was so strange! She asked me if he was real and I just said "what do you think??" and she said in her solemn voice "he's real." If she wants to believe I won't say no, I just hated to perpetuate the lie, which my mom always HATED!! I did not go so far as to hide things from Santa or anything, like I said, he used the same wrapping paper as me and he got stuff off Craigslist just like I did, lol!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Makes complete sense to me! I like the idea about believing if you want to but really trying to focus on the time together as a family away from the materialism xx love your b/w pics x