Friday, January 4, 2013

House Tour

Have you ever seen the blog Life Made Lovely?  They have a great section of house tours that are so cool, just pictures of the rooms, showing little snippets into the lives of the owners.  I love seeing things like their collections of vintage things, or family pictures, or cool color combos.  One house had some vintage furniture that didn't match but it just worked.  Anyway, as I was going around my house today I was imagining what my pictures would look like.  And then I started laughing because I've been sick the past week and the kids were sick before that, so our house is a bit of a mess.  I did clean a little this morning, but still there are just piles of shit in every room.  Papers that need to go somewhere, pictures the kids have colored, old cds that found their way out into the dining room somehow.  Things just laying on any available surface...

So here is my house tour, complete with piles of shit.
All the meds from all the sickness going around!
I'm telling you, piles of junk.
Primrose from the store today.  Needed some fresh color!
Naughty horse in the corner.
Best Christmas present ever.  I love this doll house!
New artwork for our bedroom from tastesorangey on etsy. (they aren't crooked, I just had a strange angle.)
This is what I mean--picture hangers, earbuds, candles, boxes from our new phones, lotion, and a bottle of Vicodin.  There has to be a better place for this shit than on our dresser!
I can't wait until Ingrid can read these books!
Ingrid's broken dresser.  I hate this thing.
Ugliest sconces ever.
New artwork from Uncle Pat.
 And there it is.  The Liddle Family House Tour!  The more I see these pictures the more I hate the colors in our house.  I am totally fine with our room and the dining room, but every other room in our house is getting a paint job this year!! 


Robin said...

I love the Liddle home tour. I swear shit piles up everywhere. I always blame our tiny house but I have a feeling no matter how much room you actually have there are going to be shit piles!

Robin said...

Oh and I really like Ingrid's green walls

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Thanks for the tour! What a great idea! Oh I also have piles of crap everywhere especially as pepper loves drawing and then cutting the picture into 100 pieces!

Preparing for Peanut said...

Love it! And I think it looks pretty darn great. :)