Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Cowpokes

Not even October 31st and I'm already Halloweened out.  Last night was Ingrid's school Halloween dance.  So...costume time #1.
 This morning we went with our neighbors/best friends to the zoo, where they were having a Halloween event with Trick or Treat stations and carved pumpkins all over the zoo.  It was fun, but COLD.  So we threw on our winter coats and realized you couldn't even tell the kids were dressed up.  Hmmm.  Costume time #2 was a bust.
Thanks to Jennifer from Oliver's Forest for lending us this amazing vintage Health Tex western shirt!!
 We had a few hours between the zoo and our neighborhood trick or treating, so I came up with a plan to keep them warm and show their costumes.  Which involved many layers of shirts and fleece jackets under their cowboy shirts. And remembering I had a cute vintage Wrangler jean jacket for Otis!  I'm glad I saw it hanging up!  Finally, costume time #3 seemed to work right!
I made Ingrid wear the only pair of tights she owns, which are orange.  She cried that she was going to look like a chicken!
 That was the only picture I think I got of Otis wearing his hat.  For someone who runs around screaming "AT ON! AT ON!" and grabbing everyone's hats, he was not impressed with his cowboy hat.  Oh well, with the bandana on he still looked like a cowboy. 

But now we are exhausted from running around all day and eating too much candy.  Tomorrow there are more festivities, but I don't think I can handle a costume time #4.  I'm done.



Big brother, Little sister. said...

They both look adorable! We are going to our first Halloween party ever on Wednesday!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Your kids are super cute! I'm impressed you didn't just have them wear the same thing over and over...

OliversForest said...

hehe.. super cute costumes!