Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Book Sharing Monday (cough cough, sniff sniff)

Not doing too much better around here. Brendan at least made it to work this morning, although he's going to take a half day I think. Ingrid woke up at 4:30am with a 103 degree fever. I called the oncall nurse and she asked me a bunch of questions and it made me feel better. Ingrid's definitely fighting something, but she doesn't have a rash or seizures or anything, thank god! We're off to see the doctor at 1:30 this afternoon. Right now Ingrid is sleeping, which is SO GOOD, as she was up a lot last night and then this morning she wouldn't let me put her down at all. Have you ever tried to pee with a toddler in your lap?

Anyway, hopefully this will all pass and I will get nothing more than a headache and being sleep deprived, because I'm sure no one will take care of me if I do get sick. Boohoo, yeah I know. Quit complaining...(I already did that here.) I just hope Ingrid is okay.

On to book sharing. We got this book from our great friend Michelle for Ingrid's birthday. It's called Bedtime for Tad, by Adam Nicely. It's all about an imaginative little bunny getting ready for bed and all the ideas he has in his head. It has great pictures and Ingrid loves to look at them. The mommy bunny asks Tad if he knows what time it is and Tad answers with questions like "Is it time to be a space pirate?" Ingrid loves to answer those questions with a big drawn out noooooo and a shake of her head.

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Alex said...

I am not sure if you are still interested in participating in Book Sharing Monday, but you are in my list of participants so I would like to let you kow that I have added a Mr. Linky for all our Book Sharing Monday posts. This tool will be available as of next Monday, May 3.
If you post a book sharing post, please take a minute to stop by my post on monday and share your link!
Thank you!