Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving this year was amazing.  We drove the six hours to Milwaukee and had a great weekend!  Dinner with the family, Ingrid slept the whole night through, all THREE nights!  And we got to see friends we haven't seen in months.  Made me homesick (see here) but we only have a few months left in Michigan and then we'll be off to the next adventure.
We had Christmas with Brendan's family since we'll be celebrating with my family this year.  Ingrid loved to help open presents.  She got some cute wooden toys and some money for her college account.  Or her traveling account, whichever she decides to use the money for :)

Ingrid had so much fun playing with the dogs.  Brendan's parents have three, two really old ones that didn't really care for Ingrid (that's Oreo down there, unable to get up and run away from Ingrid...) and an 8 month old 100 lb puppy, Bear.  He loved Ingrid, they played together very well. 

We also went to Fuel to see our preggo friend Katie!  I can't wait for April to meet baby girl Johnson.
And we went to Madison to FINALLY meet Camryn, who is about two weeks younger than Ingrid.  They had a blast playing together!

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sunnymama said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time! Makes me kind of envious that we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here. :)