Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ahhh, This is the Life!

I am so thankful for being able to be a stay at home mom. This is what my day is like:
Wake up to a babbling, happy child. Drink coffee and eat breakfast.
Color with Ingrid.

Take the dog to the park.
Naptime. Get some sewing done if I'm lucky.

Lunch time.

Bake some things. Eat some things.

Play with stuffed animals.

Walk by the lake. Make dinner. Bath and bedtime. Enjoy quiet time with husband (when he's not sick.)


sunnymama said...

Being a SAHM is the best fun! :)

Jami said...

Good post :D

Lyndsey said...

LOL! That WAS our life until I made the mistake of taking in a 3 month old to babysit. *sigh* Now it's just havoc :-)

maryanne said...

It really is a great life =)