Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kids are Funny

Just some silly stuff Ingrid's been saying/doing lately. 

1. Yesterday I was putting her clothes away when she comes into the room holding out something, saying "pooh pooh."  Sure enough, it was poop...

2. The other day she had two sippy cups.  One dropped and broke, spilling milk all over me.  I (stupidly) yelled "Jesus!"  Ingrid then threw the other sippy and also yelled "Jesus!"

3. This morning we had egg nog.  Ingrid called it ning nong.

4. Ingrid loves mud puddles.  She gets on her tip toes and splashes in one tiny little puddle for ages.  And when it's a huge puddle, she doesn't seem to mind.  Even when it's freezing and she's covered in mud up to her knees.

5. When it's naptime or bedtime, we usually say good night to the dog, the cats, and daddy (when he's home.)  Now Ingrid has taken to saying good night to the kitchen set, her books, her teddy bears, the couch, her blankets, the bathroom, whatever is in her line of sight.  It takes awhile to say good night to a whole house.  I suppose that's what I get for reading Goodnight Moon to her a million times.

6. If I lay on the floor, Ingrid immediately drops whatever she's doing to run over and sit on my head. 

She is 18 months old today, I can't believe how fast time goes!


Big brother, Little sister. said...

happy 18 month old birthday.!!! she sounds just so cute! love the sitting on your head, and her language sounds amazing :) Bron

maryanne said...

Happy 18 months to Ingrid! Very fun list - "ning nong" somehow seems like a very appropriate name for egg nog.

The Kellems Family said...

Wow! I cannot believe she is 18 months! Sophia will be 2 on January 3rd. It is going by too fast! I told my mom the other day I missed the infant stage. As soon as I am done with school I plan to have another one, as long as they let me have a c-section:) I love all of her little sayings. I hope to see you in June. We will be there for Grandma's party and my wedding is the following weekend.

carol said...

Be glad you said Jesus! That's funny

sunnymama said...

Lol at Ingrid rushing over to sit on your head! I think Sunnyboy was a little older when he also developed the habit of climbing on the furniture and then leaping on top of me whenever I happened to be passing by.

We love Goodnight Moon too. :)