Monday, November 9, 2009

Good Things.

Good things around here:

A happy girl with her "cool dude" sunglasses. She thinks she is hot stuff with these on!

More birthday crowns done, with fabric covering the elastic. Looks cute and uses up those scraps.

A grown up bed again! Kind of. We lost a wheel to our bed frame in the move and have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Yesterday Ingrid and I saw someone was throwing their frame away so I grabbed a wheel and took it home. It wouldn't stay in, though, so I was crafty and used some of Ingrid's play dough to make it stick. So, adult bed in that is has real bedding and an actual frame, not so adult because it's stuffed with play dough...

An etsy sale from someone I DON'T EVEN KNOW!! It's always exciting to sell something, but this is my first sale to someone random! How cool that they liked something I made that they would even pay money for it. Yay.


maryanne said...

Love the play-doh solution for your bed =)

Congrats on your first etsy sale from someone you don't even know! I think the covered elastic really dresses up the bday crown, and Ingrid is right, she looks very cool in sunglasses!

Anna said...

Congratulations on the etsy sale!
I never would have thought to use play-doh, very creative :)