Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Better Day

Yep, today was way better! Ingrid woke up happy and even let Brendan play with her for an hour while I slept in. The past couple days she cried when he looked at her, so that's an improvement.

After her nap we ventured out and had the best afternoon. We went and got lunch, which she devoured. Another good sign that her appetite is back. Then we wandered around Walgreens and got new sunglasses and toy keys. Of course we forgot the one thing I needed to get there--soap! And then we went to the bookstore and looked at books and played with the train set. It was relaxing and just felt so good to get out of the house!!

When we got home she was tired again, so she took another little nap, woke up hungry, ate her food, and by 6pm was begging to rock. We didn't have any hot water for some reason, so bathtime was nixed and we just put on pjs and read about 14 books. I was trying so hard to keep her up but the poor thing was just rubbing her eyes and yawning so she was in bed and asleep by 6:30. Another good sign she's on the mend, catching up on her sleep.


maryanne said...

Hooray for Ingrid feeling better!

I had to laugh at your "went to Walgreens and forgot the one thing I needed" story - I do that all the time!

Anonymous said...

I was scrolling through my reader so I could leave you a comment, and I couldn't find the blog because I was looking for Amber Liddle is kind of cute. I need more sleep. Anyhow-here's a link to instructions to get Blogger to be more cooperative editing-wise:
I'm glad Ingrid is feeling better!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Amber, I really happy Ingrid is feeling better and sorry to hear that Her and DH had the swine Flu. May you all stay strong and start enjoying life a bit more soon :) Bron! love her stripes too.