Sunday, March 6, 2011

Toddler Birthday Party

We went to a new friend's 2nd birthday party yesterday.  Sheesh, those things wear me out.  It was fun, Ingrid got to run around with new kids, play with toys that weren't hers, and make an ice cream sundae with lots of yummy goodies.  She thoroughly enjoyed herself!

Before the party, Brendan's parents came over with fun things for our house.  One was a family heirloom rocking chair for our living room.  I am really nervous about it being in our house, as we tend to ruin furniture between cats and babies, but they swore up and down that the rocking chair is for rocking babies and it's lasted a long time.  The first thing Fletcher did was curl right up in it, so yeah, cat hair will be all over in no time!

They also brought this awesome old desk for Ingrid's room:

I'm pretty stoked about it.  I found it lying in their basement when we lived with them a few years ago.  Ingrid was just a baby so I didn't want it right then, but I knew when she got older I'd want it.  Well what do you know, she's really the right size and age for it and we are back in Milwaukee, so it's ours!  Hooray!  Overall a very good day.


Mommy, Papa and the 'Nuts said...

Ingrid is so freaking CUTE. I want to visit you guys just to take pictures of her!

MaryAnne said...

That desk looks awesome.