Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diapers Galore

Yesterday we got a TON of diapers in the mail!!  Three different people sent us diapers at different times and they all came on the same day, so strange.

We got three FuzziBunz Mediums from our friend Brandy.  I love these, it's what we used on Ingrid when she got bigger.  Otis is still in his XS, though, so the Mediums will be awhile.  Good for the future!

We also got nine Small gdiaper covers in cream, brown, green, and blue.  I love these, we also had one of these for Ingrid and it was my favorite while it fit her.  I am using newborn prefolds to stuff these with, and also the newborn inserts from our BumGenius pockets that don't fit Otis yet.  I got these off diaperswappers.com.

From Kelly's Closet we ordered two BumGenius 4.0s, two Kawaii pockets, a Bummies SuperBrite in red!!  and another Thirsties cover.  I don't think the pockets will fit quite yet, they're all one size and we're finding that Otis' skinny chicken legs make it hard to use one size.  They're in the dryer right now, so we'll find out today if they work yet or not.  The covers are awesome,  I love both Bummis and Thirsties.  Double leg gussets, a little pocket for your diaper to go in, easy peasy.  The only thing I have with Thirsties is that their sizes run big.  Otis is just fitting into his XS covers! 

As I said on Facebook, such pretty things for Otis to crap in!  Gotta love cloth diapers...

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MaryAnne said...

What a gorgeous stash! My sister says real nappies are really awesome, but they don't come in pretty colors. We mostly use Thirsties covers (the duo wraps with snaps) around here these days.