Saturday, March 12, 2011

busy busy bunny.

It's been super busy over at Applesauce Crafts lately!  I'm not sure how I'm managing to still make anything, since Otis is seriously only happy or sleeping if he's being held.  I have managed to figure out how to do things in spurts when he's happy.  Usually if I take off his clothes and lay him in his crib he'll sit there and kick and be content for about 20 minutes.  Otherwise he's in the Ergo and it's hit or miss if I can get anything done.

But...I've managed to come up with a fun new creation for the shop.  Bunnies!  They are super cute and soft and don't have small parts so the wee-est of wee hands can play with them. 

I was going through my scrap box with Ingrid and we were oohing and aahing over old fabric, reminiscing over what had been made with the bigger piece.  I am so lucky to have a daughter that finds that as fun as I do!  So we decided to make something with the scraps, and since I always have the idea of making a quilt and then never do, I went for the bunny.  I drew up a template, which was kinda wonky (as usual...) but I think I like it.  They kind of tilt to one side and the ears never turn out the same.  But I think they're still cute.

Apparently others do, too, thankfully!  I listed two yesterday morning and they both sold within hours!  Yay.  So I have posted two more, and I have five more made that I have to take pictures of.  It's a fun project with Ingrid, too, because she's in love with the stuffing. She thinks it's great fun to sit there with me and give me handfuls of stuffing for each bunny.  Oh, that girl.  As much as she drives me crazy, I really do love her.

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Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

okay, that picture in your header almost made me cry. It is sooooo sweet!!