Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ahhhh, Home.

Things are going pretty well here.  Boxes are unpacked, most of our random crap is put away, and I hung stuff up on the walls.  My fabric is out, I've gotten to sew some things, and we're getting back into a schedule.  Ahhh.  Our stressful time is almost over.

We went to Whole Foods to get groceries the other day.  There's an underground garage and as you come up the escalator into the store, you walk right into the floral department.  Ingrid saw the tulips and we just had to get them!  I wanted orange but she was adamant we get yellow.  Yellow it is.

Also purchased was a Nosefrida snot sucker. 

It sounds gross, but like a lot of things I've embraced as a mother, it's not really.  The bulb sucker wasn't doing the trick and I'm sick of Otis snorting all night because he can't breathe.  This thing works like magic--you stick it in their nose and suck.  Out comes the snot.  You blow it out onto a tissue, nothing ever comes near your mouth, it's awesome.  (I'm gushing about a snot sucker, I need to get out of the house more apparently...)

House stuff is going well.  Little by little I'm getting things put together.  I built a dresser a couple days ago, with lots of "help" from Ingrid.  It looks pretty cute in her room, and I'm so glad she's not living out of her suitcase anymore.  It's the perfect place for all her cute stuff, including the Irmi lamp I won from Modern Kiddo awhile ago!

My favorite room in the house is the dining room.  Strange but true.  It's somehow cozier than our living room.  We had people over and plopped the kids down in the middle of the dining room rather than the living room.  We have our computer in one corner, and the table on the other side.  There's an amazing china cabinet that holds our books (as if I own china...ha!) and our globes.  I love it.

Otis' room/my sewing room is also done but I just got stuff up today so I don't have pictures.  It's cute, too bad he won't be using it to sleep in any time soon...But I love having a sewing room again, so it actually works out nicely!


Carly said...

OK so who invented the nose thing? Sounds cool! Glad you are starting to feel at home!

MaryAnne said...

Your house looks great! That little lamp is adorable, and I can't believe you're already unpacked AND found time to sew!

Jami said...

Your place looks awesome!

becky v said...

Your house is adorable (from what I can tell). LOVE your style.

And my neighbor has been raving about the Nosefrida for weeks now! I'm ordering one right this minute. Ethan has clogging too...I think it may be due to the spitting up out the nose that happens frequently.