Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hanging Out and Sewing

My two favorite things!!  This week has been so fun.  Minimal breakdowns on both Ingrid's and my parts.  Friends came over to play.  We cleaned while listening to Abba. We painted with sparkly paints.  Good times!

We also got some sewing done.  I got a new pattern for these cute felt shoes.  I only had eco-fi felt on hand but I figured I'd try it and then spend the money on wool felt if they turned okay.  They turned out awesome!  Totally going to make more of these in wool felt!

Also finally made the taggy book for a friend.  She wanted it months ago but luckily the baby she is giving it to was just born and won't play with it for awhile anyway, so it wasn't a rush order!  I love this Michael Miller print with the bikes.  Bikes are rad.

More to come soon!  Friends are coming over this weekend, Tia is coming to take pictures on Sunday.  It's going to be awesome!


becky v said...

I want some of those shoes!!!! Will you sell them in your store?! SO cute. Love that they are soft because there is no need for soled shoes in the infant stage. :) You are the queen of felt!

MaryAnne said...

Those baby booties are awesome! Can't wait to see how the 100% wool felt ones turn out!