Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 Months Old!

Otis is three months old today. 

Because I'm not doing a very good job at updating his baby book, I'll put a couple stats here so I remember them!  He is now smiling, cooing, and has rolled over once.  He is a great sleeper and loves to be naked and kick his legs while laying in his crib.  Any window he sees he must stare out of, as well as at ceiling fans and lamps.  I would love to say how big he is but we haven't been to the doctor in a month or so and I don't own a scale, so I have no idea.  We'll say 11-12 lbs.  He just got into his 3 month clothes and suddenly has a new wardrobe that isn't all one piece footy pjs!  

He loves to be held, rocked, and carried in the Ergo and the Moby.  He hates his car seat.  I wish I could just wear him in the car, he just screams a lot while we're driving. 

It seems crazy to think he really should just be six weeks old.  He is such a part of our family already.  Love you, Fat Man!!

*Ingrid at 3 months*


Anonymous said...

holy cute!!!

The Britton said...

Amber, you seem to be doing so well! So happy for you guys. We think about you all and are glad that everything is going so smooth. I hope we can meet Otis soon before he gets way huge! He's adorable:)