Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ingrid and I have been sick all week long.  It's not much fun but we have been able to enjoy ourselves a little bit.  We watched Toy Story the other day, I love that  movie!  Ingrid giggled at it, she enjoyed it.  We've also made tents in the living room with blankets and chairs:

And Daddy came home early yesterday to play while I took another nap.  They made tunnels out of our moving boxes.  Brendan had a lot of fun seeing how many boxes he could get together.

Today it has been sunny and in the 80s, but we haven't felt like venturing out much.  Instead Ingrid brought some toys onto the porch and then dragged her blanket and Glo-worm out and had a little rest in the sun. 

We've had to still take out the stupid dog though, which is getting on my nerves.  He's now nine years old and I think he's getting old man bladder.  Every two or three hours he starts whining to go out, where he used to be good for five or six hours at a time.  I have since taught Ingrid how to yell "Cody, quit whining!"  Oops.  That kid is a sponge, I swear to god...


Jami said...

Ooh man. What a crappy week, huh? That picture of her on the porch is just so sad :( Poor girls! At the beginning of the week they said it was going to rain, rain, rain.. now it's going to start raining once you guys start feeling better. Dammit all. Hope you feel better tomorrow!

MaryAnne said...

Everybody's sick here, too, no fun. At least we aren't trying to pack. Your tent and tunnel look cool, though =)

Fiona said...

The pic of her on the porch is gorgeous. She looks so sweet.

And as for Cody, I would say that as dogs age they tend to get more whiney, and not just because they need out. Whereas it used to be comfortable for them to lay around for hours, now they get achy and stiff, and get up/shift more often.

I find if Mouse (almost 10) gets restless in the day sometimes he just needs a distraction. I give hm a chew or a stuffed Kong, and he will eat for a while and settle again.

Have you seen a vet? Have a urinalysis done - he may have an infection or kidney problem. Or maybe just the onset of arthritis. We have a full urine and blood analysis done every 12 months, and it helps keep on top of things.

Sorry to go on. As you can see, dogs were my first 'babies'!

ringmaster said...

penelope's favorite movie right now is toy story!!!

Anna said...

Sorry you guys are sick. We've been sick here too, but mine is mostly stupid allergies.
That is so cute that Ingrid took a rest on the porch. Gotta love a catnap in the sunshine.