Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Going to Miss This.

So we're moving.  We found an apartment by the university and it will be so much better than living in a complex.  I've been so excited by the thought of living near things again, and not having tons of neighbors.  And then Ingrid and I went to the lake today and I realized...I'm gonna miss being able to walk to a big lake and have peace and quiet.

Our apartment complex is on a lake, and there are trails all along the lake and a big grassy field.  No one ever goes out there, strangely, so when we go it's usually just us, totally quiet and peaceful.  We let Cody run around, Ingrid examines rocks and sticks, we hear birds and smell fresh air.  It's great.  For a crappy apartment, the lake part of it is really quite nice.

Anyway, we went today and had a great time.  It was gorgeous out and we took a picnic with us.  Cody even went swimming, which Ingrid thought was hilarious for some reason.  Afterward, Ingrid went down for her nap with no trouble at all.  All that fresh air sure does help with sleep issues!

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sunnymama said...

Looks a wonderful lake to live beside! Shame you can't take it with you. :)