Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Painting, Picnic, and Puddles.

We got a watercolor book at Target yesterday.  It was funny to watch Ingrid try it.  She's used to regular paints, so watching her figure out how to get the brush wet and then get the paint wet and then try to get the paint on the paper was interesting.  It's so amazing when you can watch their little brains working to unravel a new mystery!  She did well with it, and I like that watercolors seem to be less messy than regular paints. 
After painting we went for another picnic.  This is Ingrid's new favorite thing to do.  We take some snacks and a blanket down to the field, let Cody run around, and enjoy the sun.  The other day I wanted to go home so I stood up and started to take the blanket to fold.  Ingrid yelled at me, "No, Mama!  Lay down!"  I guess she wasn't ready to go home...

Post-picnic was puddle time.  I honestly did not think the puddles would still be there, as it hasn't rained in a few days.  But, down by the lake they hung on.  And Ingrid won't let me bypass them, she has to run straight to them with the look of greatest joy on her face!  I caught a pretty good splash shot here!

Her feet were so gross and dirty when we got home, and I hate to think of what was in that puddle!

In other news, we're packing slowly but surely and should have everything ready to go in a couple weeks.  The first of May cannot come soon enough.  Our 20-something neighbors were having a nice fight all day yesterday, with slamming doors, swear words, and much yelling.  And our other neighbors' washing machine was unbalanced and making the loudest noises above us all day long.  It sucks living in a complex!!    


MaryAnne said...

I love that splash photo! It looks like Ingrid did a great job with her water colors, too!

Good luck with packing and the move.

sunnymama said...

Lots of fun 'P' activities! The puddle picture is my favourite. :)
Your description of your neighbours washing machine made me smile as I had to run and turn ours off mid-cycle yesterday because it was making so much noise I thought our upstairs neighbour would come down to see why we were throwing rocks at our walls.