Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eggs and Baskets and Balloons.

We finally got around to dying Easter eggs yesterday.  It was messy, and not really that much fun.  Ingrid just wanted to stick her hands in the dye cups and lick her hands.  Blech.  But, we got some cute ones.

This morning she woke up bright and early and found her basket.  I got the felt basket last year and just added some little dollar toys--play dough and a bouncy wind up bunny.  No candy this year because seriously, I would be the one to eat it all up, and none of us needs it!  Although someone said something about jelly beans and I thought mmmm, jelly beans.  I may have to get a bag on clearance tomorrow!

Brendan took Ingrid out to the park and to go hiking through the Arboretum.  I used the time alone to clean house, work on a jigsaw puzzle, and watch Lost.  It felt amazing to have a few hours all to myself.  Then it was naptime, so I got to nap on top of it!  I'm telling you, we love our lazy Sundays here!

And also, I finally cut Ingrid's hair!  And how glad I am after seeing that picture of her up there!  She's needed it so bad but I wasn't sure if I was going to take her somewhere or do it myself again.  I couldn't take it anymore so snip snip with my sewing scissors and viola!  I can see her eyes again! 

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ringmaster said...

all penelope wanted was jelly beans!! so that is all i bought oh and a little bit of chocolate also. sounds like you got some nice time to yourself!