Sunday, April 25, 2010

Random Good Mom Award

I had the best thing happen yesterday.  It was a lazy rainy day but Ingrid wanted to splash puddles, so we got dressed and headed outside.  I had just put some garbage in the dumpster when a car pulled up alongside us and rolled down the window.  I leaned over and it was someone I didn't recognize, a young guy, but he said "I had to stop and tell you, you are a GREAT mother!"  Apparently he's seen us walking the dog and using the sling, and just having random outside fun when we do.  He kept saying how great of a mother I was, it was the sweetest thing!  It just made my day.

In other news, I don't feel like a good mom, as I've been still really weak from being sick and I have done nothing but lie around and take naps.  Brendan took Ingrid to do fun things yesterday, like swim in the indoor pool and go get ice cream.  I have sat in bed or on the couch and read.  I really really hope I start feeling better soon, this is getting annoying!


danita said...

Isn't that the best? That happened to me once at the mall--We were at the food court eating and my daughter had to go potty (I was annoyed b/c I hate leaving my food unprotected in the middle of the food court), but when we got back, the man at the next table was like, "It's so hard when they are little, but you are doing a great job!" Wow! That'll make your day for sure!

sunnymama said...

I had a comment like that once also, from a random woman in town who had seen me out and about with sunnyboy in the sling. It made my day too! Maybe this is something we should all pay-forward sometime. :) On that subject, I just wanted to let you know we'll be paying forward your lovely gifts in the next couple of weeks so I'll let you know when I've posted on my blog about it. Sorry it's taking so long! Hope you're feeling better soon. :)