Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's a Crab-tastic Day at the Liddles!

Yesterday we went to a friend's house for a playdate.  I wasn't sure how well Ingrid would be since she is getting her two year molars and has been a completely sleep deprived young thing.  Waking every hour or so, going back and forth between our bed and hers, taking lots of ibuprofen and chewing her pacifiers to bits.  It has not been pleasant.  But, she did pretty well.  Anywhere that has new toys is always a good thing. 

She decided she'd like to hang with the babies for awhile:

She even crawled all by herself into the exersaucer! 

Before we left, I had to put this pair of shoes I made onto little Olivia.  She's five months old, so the perfect model for this pair of 6-9 month slippers.  They fit well and looked pretty cute!
We only stayed for an hour, then had to make a quick getaway when I saw Ingrid start to yawn.  We raced home, got ready for a nap, and she fell asleep pretty uneventfully.  She only slept for an hour or so, nothing like the three hour naps she was taking mere weeks ago!!  But it's better than no nap at all...

This morning she was up screaming and crying at 4:30, and by 5:30 Brendan said he'd just get up with her.  Better you than me, buddy!  All of us have been crabby and snippy and it's not a good morning so far.  I'm hoping a nap will cure this (on all our parts!) but Ingrid's not looking like she's going to calm down anytime soon.  Oh, cruel world, why do you make sick/teething kids think they don't need to sleep??? 


Anna said...

I feel your pain lately on the no sleep. I hope you all got a nap and sleeping returns to normal soon.

Jami said...

Hopefully last night was better? And today is a better day?