Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Gymnast

This morning we took Ingrid to a gym that has a toddler play program. Our friends had gone there a few weeks ago and let us know they were going again so we joined them. Ingrid had so much fun! They just have all the soft squishy stuff out for the kids to run and jump on, trampolines and jumping boards, cones and hula hoops and exercise balls.

As soon as Ingrid got her shoes off she went full force the entire hour we were there! She ran from one thing to the other, and of course found the bin of chalk for the uneven bars and had a chalk butt the whole time...She loved the little ramp mats and kept going up and down, up and down.

I just love how liberal Ann Arbor is, because whenever I get around a group of moms and their kids I see breastfeeding toddlers and other cloth diaper users. One woman was a nanny but pregnant for twins and was asking me about Ingrid's cloth diapers and where I got them from, which kind were the best and how do I wash them. It's really nice to have a rational conversation about that instead of people asking me how much poop I get on myself and how smelly they are, how crazy it is to be using them in the first place. Ahhh, liberal oases, may I always live in one :)

Anyway, Ingrid ran the whole hour, ate a snack in the car, I blasted Yo Gabba Gabba music to keep her awake, and then she passed out as soon as we got home. I am off to lounge and read the book I got from the library yesterday--Water for Elephants. So far it's gotten me hooked, we'll see how the rest goes.


Allie said...

Love the pics you got of Ingrid! Glad she had so much fun! Let's do it again sometime! :)

Jami said...

It was so fun! Lets do it again! Ben fell asleep as soon as we got home too. Water for Elephants is pretty good, enjoy :)

danita said...

oooh! good book! i remember those fun days of going to the kid's gym!