Monday, January 18, 2010

Crabby lady, Baby bibs.

Ingrid in the midst of a crabby moment:

She really hasn't been too bad lately, but I thought those pictures were funny.  Her nose is dry, she's been sleeping well, and we've been doing a lot of coloring.  I found some free printables and they have all the presidents you can color.  So, the other morning Ingrid was coloring Richard Nixon.  Ha!

And I have been busy making all of these.  I made ten or so bibs yesterday, I was on a roll!  So if you need to get a bib for anyone, visit my shop!

And how funny are these?  I found the iron ons at Joann, I couldn't resist.

Not much else going on in the Liddle house.  A lot of cooking, coloring, sewing, and walking the dog.  Same old same old...

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sunnymama said...

Ingrid is still very cute when she is crabby! Lol at the bibs. :)