Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Still Sick.

Man, whatever cold Ingrid has just won't go away.  I thought she was getting better so we went last week to see our friends, and now they're sick.  Sorry, guys!  I didn't realize it was going to drag on this long!  Poor kid's nose is all red and raw from me trying to wipe it all the time. 

She was SO MUCH FUN today, if by fun you mean whiny and throwing temper tantrums.  All day long.  By the time Brendan came home I was exhuasted.  She just could not be happy with anything.  If she wanted a book and I tried to get it for her, she cried.  But then she'd ask for help.  But then when I'd help she'd throw herself down on the floor and scream.  I actually had to leave the room because I was laughing so hard at just how ridiculous she was being!  Such a drama queen!  My mom called today and said "Ha, paybacks are a bitch, aren't they?"  Whatever could she be talking about?  I'm sure I was never like that!

We have been keeping busy, though, even though we're at home and not feeling good.  Ingrid has been coloring and playing with her kitchen set, reading books and chasing the cats, and I have been posting lots of new items in my etsy shop.  I finished this quilt today, it turned out better than I'd expected.  I think the more I do the easier it gets, which is great since I have two more quilts cut out and fabric set aside for a couple more than that. 

Something that surprised me:  I actually enjoy not having the car!  Brendan is not driving his beat up old thing now that there is snow (and the battery is dead...) so we are sharing the Subaru.  He takes it to work most days, but if there's something I need it for, I take him to the bus station and then pick him up from work at 5pm.  It's been going really well, actually.  At first I couldn't imagine not having my car with me at all times but now I don't know what I ever needed it for all the time anyway. 

We had the car yesterday to run errands and I was realizing how much I hate having to drive everywhere with Ingrid, getting her in and out of the car and having to deal with her yelling for her dropped book or milk cup or whatever.  I love staying home and taking it easy.  We move slowly through our day, play and clean and bake and cook.  We saw a friend yesterday and she asked if I was feeling cooped up and I can honestly say no, I'm not.  Maybe it's because it's winter and I don't want to go out anywhere anyway, but I'm actually enjoying not having a car, not having the option of going anywhere.  It makes me focus on things to do around the house.  Like clean up crayon scribbles that appear on every wall, chair, dresser, and closet door.  Or doing the five loads of laundry that have piled up.  Or getting some sewing done.  It's nice.  It makes me happy. 

I will, however, enjoy it even more when Ingrid's nose stops snotting everywhere. 


Anna said...

I hope Ingrid starts to feel better soon. Sick toddlers are just no fun at all.
I really enjoy not having a car at home most of the time. There certainly are days when you do feel a little cooped up, but it's nice not to have the expense and problems that go along with a 2nd car. Who knows maybe I'll change my mind by the time #2 comes along and I'm trapped in the house with 2 little ones.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I hope Ingrid gets completely better soon. I agree with you, it's a lot more fun staying home with little kids and so much more peaceful!