Saturday, January 9, 2010

Indoor Swimming and lots of Sewing

Brendan found an indoor pool that has open swim on the weekends, so we went today to check it out.  I am so glad we are finding this at the beginning of winter, because I have a feeling we will become regulars during our yuck-o cold snow season.  Which means I have to get a new bathing suit because my old one is not fitting right...

The pool has a cool ramp to walk down into the tot pool.  It's really shallow, so Ingrid could walk around in the water.  It took her awhile to get her sea legs, and she fell in a couple times, but she got right back up and kept going.  They have beach balls and water toys to play with so Ingrid was in heaven.  We were in for maybe a half hour and that was enough to completely wear her out!

And, finally, I have finished the felt book.  I think it looks so cute, much better than the one I made Ingrid.  Probably because I know a little better now what I'm doing, and I had to take my time and make it right if I want to charge money for it...So here it is:


Jami said...

Where's the pool at? Was it warm? Cute book! See you this week sometime??

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy I found your blog! That is so great you found an indoor pool. I think it's so important for kids to learn to swim and be comfortable in the water as they get older. Felt book is super cute! I have a bachelor's degree in textile design (which I've never used...ah well.)