Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Stockings

I finished our stockings today!  I really didn't need to make them but I wanted to.  We have stockings from before we had Ingrid, and she has two other stockings people have given us.  But one says Baby's First Christmas, which it isn't anymore, and the other one isn't actually finished.  My aunt cross stitched one for her and it's gorgeous, but unfinished and I know I won't make it by this Christmas.  Maybe next year!


The Kellems Family said...

Those are so cute Amber! Sophia has one from Aunt Linda but Stephen and I have random stockings. I think I will make him and I aome too. I just cannot find the time. I love them.

Anna said...

Those are adorable! You should sell stockings. We have been trying to figure out a new stocking situation for this year too. I bought some at the dollar tree and I'm going to try and stitch our names on them, but they are pretty cheapy.

maryanne said...

They turned out great!