Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas Everyone!!

So, five pm on Christmas Eve night, and what do I feel just needs to be done?  A dress for Ingrid!  Over on Sparkle Power she had a tutorial about how to make a ruffle sleeve top.  I'd tried to do it this summer but somehow the sleeve parts turned out really super small and wouldn't reach over Ingrid's shoulders.  But this time I got it right, and came up with this little beauty:

Cute, huh?  I am matching it up with green and red striped tights and a green shirt underneath.  So cute and Christmasy!! 
Well, all the dresses are made, and the presents are wrapped, and we're laying on the couch watching some dumb movie.  Ahhh, the holidays.  Hope yours are going well!


maryanne said...

Your dress is adorable, I need to check out that tutorial!

I bet Ingrid will love her new tricycle.

Merry Christmas!

heather said...

merry christmas!!!! Liddle family

sunnymama said...

The dress is so pretty and the tree with the presents and tricycle looks fantastic! :)